More Than a Word: The History, Theories and Concerns of Environmental Justice

July 7, 2022 - Categorised in: -

Another one! Sick of their ignorance around the subject, your hosts embark on a roadtrip to France to meet one of the leading experts in Environmental Justice today, Brendan Coolsaet! The associate professor takes us through a history of the movement, from its emergence in marginalised communities of colour in the United States, to its ‘hop’ across the pond where the term is gaining popularity by the day. We discuss the semantic drift of “Environmental Justice”, what it actually means for people today, and key concepts which researchers are fighting bloodthirsty battles over in modern day academia.

Brendan’s book on the topic, “Environmental Justice: Key Issues” is a fantastic way to get into EJ with plenty of accessible, critical, perspectives. Our conversation also digs into Brendan’s recent trip around Italy, where he witnessed first-hand the effects of climate change on the Italian agricultural system as he moved from farm to farm. Through theory and practice, there is so much to think and learn about in the realm of Environmental Justice, and we’re glad people like Brendan are there to help illuminate the path, and make sure that as we progress towards a better world, we don’t get lost on the way.

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